Bet On Your People helps technology leaders attract and retain essential talent, level up the skills of the entire team, and increase developer happiness.


Our Philosophy

We think work should be meaningful, not just a place where you collect a paycheck.

Our work draws heavily on research such as Daniel Pink's work on what motivates us and positive psychology research as well as 10 years of experience in career development. Our experience tells us that creating cultures of continuous learning and improvement are also the most productive. We creatine environments that align people's accumulated experience and natural talents which makes people stay -- and give you their best.

We believe in....

  • stay interviews, rather than exit interviews
  • autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • the organization as a garden you tend to rather than a mindless machine to be optimized
  • maximizing impact through strengths rather struggling to overcome weaknesses
  • arranging people x-men style, aligning complimentary skills so the sum is greater than the parts

We love helping leaders guide their teams into career paths that align with their expertise and career goals.


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About Suzan Bond, Founder of Bet On Your People

Suzan started working in technology as the head of project management for an interactive agency. Her love affair with technology continues to this day.

She has more than 10 years experience as a career and executive coach working with technical experts. During her time in organizational development, Suzan helped companies design career management and leadership development programs.

Suzan's expertise has been informed by working with technical experts like Sandi Metz, Avdi Grimm, and Jim Gay as well as fast growing companies and tech startups. Suzan served as Strengths coach and in recruiting roles while working for Gallup, a company revered for their research-based work in employee engagement and the StrengthsFinder assessment.

Her background includes experience in organizational development, marketing and project management.

Suzan has a BA in psychology and sociology and a MA in American Studies from Michigan State University and a MSW in administration and community organizing from the University of Michigan. 

Suzan is a regular contributor to Fast Company. She writes for the Leadership section, covering career management, branding and productivity. One of her stories was named one of the Top 10 Lessons of 2015.